About Us


The company will continue to strive to improve its responsiveness to the needs and concerns of its customers, employees, suppliers, Government and the communities it serves. This will be accomplished through forging key business partnerships with stakeholders by offering effective and appropriate equipment solutions to their unique and at times vexing business situations.


  • To provide industries with best suitable plant and handling equipment fitting to unique customer needs.
  • To supply industries with best trained and qualified operators of plant and handling equipment.
  • To achieve balanced and rapid growth in our business thus becoming the equipment supplier of choice to select niche industries. This will mean growing our market share, improving the skills of our staff, and providing innovative solutions to our customers.
  • To ensure that the company, together with its clients and customers, grows its revenue streams and profitability, thereby improving, for all concerned, a pleasing shareholder value.


Gcwabaza Holdings (Pty) Ltd which trades as Nathi Africa was established in 2006. It is a Level ONE (1) BBBEE contributor with a proudly 51% black women ownership.

In the beginning the fulcrum of its operation was the provision and supply of a wide range of lift trucks, ranging from pallet trucks to empty container handlers, with the option to buy or rent. As the business grew and the customers’ forkliftclear2needs began to grow and variegate it was identified that some customers required the lifting equipment only on an “ad hoc” basis.

It was realized that these customers could not afford to employ lifting equipment operators as they were not required all the time. It was during this time that the business started offering lifting equipment and operators who were in the employ of Nathi Africa. This became a very successful business model for the business. And herein lay and continues to lie the strength and differentiator of our business offering.

Having been involved in forklift business for years and having become more familiar with all the challenges that were faced by the equipment lifting industry, it was felt that the model would offer the industry in general and our customers in particular a total solution to the dual challenge of finding and supplying appropriate equipment as well as the shortage of requisite skills to operate the said equipment, while curbing and maintaining costs.

A stringent recruitment and selection process to identify and employ suitably orientated persons with the right attitudinal and aptitudinal make-up is a trademark of our business which has ensured a steady growth which has seen us achieve an almost national footprint for our young and emerging business.


After the success of supplying equipment with operators and the experience we’ve had in the materials handling industry, we then realized that we can offer complete materials handling solutions. We do not offer the services of labor brokering but provide skilled personnel who are specifically trained in logistics and cargo movement competencies.

Our people are trained on other interchangeable and complementary roles in the operation. We offer a specialized materials handling solution. These solutions can be customized according to clients’ requirements and peculiar operation, personnel are trained, as already explained above, to be able to operate at the clients exact requirements while maintaining maximum production and 100% safety. Each team working at a clients’ site are subject to constant supervision by a shift supervisor and the operations manager.


We make extensive investment in our people through vigorous training and development initiatives. This training in both technical and soft attitudinal skills is re-enforced in continuous training, re-assessment and re-evaluation exercises.

Our people and our service delivery are the best in the market. We do not skimp on operating material as well as in the provision of protective apparel required to protect and enable our people to optimally perform their tasks.

Another, probably more appropriate, element of our business is the establishment of an in-house accredited training program for our men and women in the trenches of service delivery. The training program was launched in November 2011 and is aimed at keeping our people highly trained, competitive and relevant on an on-going basis.